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They are a group of about 100 worldwide people who are hardworking to change the way small entrepreneurs do their business. They believe that freelancers or small business owners don't have to waste their time on boring work related to payments, invoices, taxes, and other paperwork.

Adopting modern Data Scientist technologies, investing in user experience, adding fun and personal communication, they create fully automated products that their customers love. To date, they have implemented a fully mobile application in the UK where customers can open a current account, accept payments and issue invoices.

More than 50,000 clients have entrusted their finances to them.

At the moment, they are assembling a team that is ready to take a new challenge and reinvent how small entrepreneurs calculate taxes and file tax returns. The idea is to ensure that an entrepreneur with no accounting knowledge without manual work gets accurately calculated and timely filed tax returns. They are creating a new class of solutions — fully automated tax software.

To achieve this goal, they need to solve the following tasks:

  • Build technology that can process banking and open banking transactions and automatically determine the category related to doing business and applicable for calculating tax.
  • Build a documents processor that can recognize them, identify entities, compare them with transactions or generate accounting records.
  • Integrate with document sources for automatic uploading. These can be marketplaces, camera/phone galleries, cloud storage, email boxes.
  • Create the best invoice manager.
  • Build sales channels and find product-market fit.
  • Pack it into an intuitive interface.

To solve specific product tasks, they create micro-teams up to 5 people that can

  • Create specific products for a specific audience.
  • Develop sales channels and drive monetization.
  • Be responsible for financial and product goal.
  • Independently make product and technological decisions.

In addition, they use modern and cool technologies and methodologies. They stay up to date with the technical stack and deliver code 750 times per month to production just in 10 minutes.


aiohttp (Python), React (JavaScript) and Flutter, Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

An ideal candidate

  • They are primarily a product company, so their focus is customer service, market search, sales channels, and achieving business results. Respectively, they are looking for people who are also a priority focus, regardless of the role.
  • Also, an ideal candidate is primarily an independent decision-maker who can defend his point of view.
  • It is also important that the candidate considers his previous experience, knowledge of programming languages, and tools to achieve a business result and, if necessary, is ready to learn and master new technologies quickly.
  • Candidate's experience: It is unlikely that without at least 5 years of experience, it is possible to create something useful, but of course, there are exceptions.
  • The company language is English, and you will not be able to work effectively with an English level lower than upper-intermediate.
  • They are not a big company where you can hide on the hierarchy levels and calmly meet old age; you will have to work very hard here.
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ANNA Money

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ANNA Money создаёт продукт для рынка Великобритании. Миссия в том, чтобы помочь предпринимателям и владельцам малого бизнеса, сняв с них рутинные задачи, связанные с их финансами. Внутри сервиса работает бот — он распознаёт документы и реквизиты, а также команды от пользователей.