Blockchain System Analyst

в Haqq

4 000 —‍ 7 000 $/мес на руки

Remote Relocate
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System Analyst
1 - 5 человек

We are developing Ethereum-compatible blockchain network with regional and cultural focus.

We are looking for a system analyst experienced in blockchain networks analysis for the project IslamicCoin.

IslamicCoin is a native currency of Haqq, a community-run network, dedicated to empowering an ethics-first Shariah-compliant financial ecosystem. IslamicCoin has a finite total supply, and 10% of each issuance is automatically dedicated for philanthropic purposes.


Bash Web3 Github
  • Technology is based on Evmos, written in Go language.


You will be part of our core team, participating in product lifecycle:

  • Analyze tasks before they are taken by developers.
  • Write technical content for documentation portal.
  • Participate in technical content publishing activities.


  • Experience in analyzing proof of stake networks, we’ll ask you to show artifacts of your work.
  • Ability to run blockchain nodes on your workstation or remote VM.
  • Simple Bash scripting experience.
  • Understanding of network stack.
  • Understanding base cryptographic principles of blockchain networks.
  • Deep understanding of Web3 protocols.
  • The product will be public and open-source, you and your future team will be collaborating with both communities of our network and cosmos ecosystem as well.
  • We will ask for an active GitHub profile with contributions activities.
  • Optional relocation to the UAE, token share.

We offer

  • Negotiable salary.
  • Optional relocation to the UAE.
  • Token share.
Наргиз Ханджанбекова Head of People Care

О компании Haqq

Банки / Финтех
11 - 50

IslamicCoin — собственная валюта Haqq, общественной сети, предназначенной для расширения возможностей финансовой экосистемы, соответствующей этическим нормам шариата. IslamicCoin имеет ограниченный общий объем, и 10% от каждой эмиссии автоматически направляются на благотворительные цели. Haqq Blockchain — блокчейн-сеть Proof of Stake, совместимая с существующей экосистемой блокчейн-инструментов и инструментов разработчиков (в первую очередь Ethereum и Cosmos) и отвечающая современным требованиям отрасли, с быстрой завершенностью и высокой пропускной способностью транзакций.