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Silicon Valley Insight

Team Lead

@ Silicon Valley Insight

200,000 - 300,000 ₽/мес на руки

полная удаленка.
Заказная разработка / Аутсорсинг
размер команды
21 - 50 человек

Silicon Valley Insight specializes in building full digital products from scratch (design, prototype, development, and launch) including “full stack” web and native mobile applications. Their partners include blue chip tech companies, multi-million dollar start-ups, and famous Los Angeles celebrities.

Time zone

Mainly GMT+3, but be ready to take evening calls with leadership team / clients between 8pm and 11pm GMT+3 about 1-2 times per week.

They're mindful and respectful of the TZ you're in and won't be asking to stay up late unless it's a very serious matter (example: a first "introduction" call with a new client).


Ruby on Rails, React.js, React Native (occasionally dropping to native world with Swift, Java/Kotlin), Node.js, TypeScript, Python, GraphQL, AWS, Heroku, Expo, Terraform, CircleCI, Docker.

They value core Engineering skills over knowledge of a specific framework. However, they expect you to easily pick up their tools and do meaningful contributions when required.

Line manager

Makar Stetsenko, Engineering Manager.

Why we are recommending

  • Unmatched learning opportunities with world class team members who have worked at companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Samsung, and HP.
  • Work on meaningful client projects that create value for our customers’ businesses and internal products that create value for our team.
  • Chance to explore new things - new technologies, new tools, new projects, new industries.

Products to work with

  • You’ll be expected to work on a range of products and industries. Some of the projects that we work right now include: Biotech, SaaS, Music/Publishing Industry, Marketplaces.
  • You’ll be working on building software for web and mobile platforms. Multitude of APIs and Backends.


  • As a Team Lead your primary responsibility will be successfully delivering projects.
  • It's a role that will play to your strengths and growth areas. Generally, we expect you to contribute code (40-80% of overall time), architecture, documentation and mentor team members. Depending on your experience, you can either choose to stay close to the code or get involved with multiple projects.
  • You will be working closely with PMs to build out a project timeline and product roadmap, running daily standup meetings / retrospectives, and notifying internal SVI stakeholders as well as the client how the project is tracking against the promised delivery date.

Other notes

This is a great opportunity for experienced folks to come and tackle some big challenges as well as for those who want to break into Engineering Management.

Their goals for 2021

  • Continue building a profitable flywheel engine that can build, launch, and grow any software idea from our clients and team.
  • Significantly grow our Engineering team
  • Work on the processes (e.g. delivery, sales) to free our team to focus on the high leverage components.
  • Build a strong organisation by further clarifying our culture, making clear career progression and compensation philosophy.
  • Get more data driven

Company offers

  • Flexible work hours; you will (almost) always have someone on your team online with you.
  • Flat and open organizational structure with family-like relationships.
  • Competitive salary relative to your skill level, autonomy, and capability to add value to the team. There is opportunity for yearly evaluations and performance-based growth.

Hiring process

  • Get to know call with someone from the Leadership team. This is for you and us to meet and greet.
  • Series of Technical/Management Interviews (depending on the background expect 2 deep dives).
  • Test project. This will be tailored to you. Can be a coding or written assignment (Design Document, Technical Proposal).
  • Project review.
  • Compensation review call.
  • Call with CEO.
Макар Стеценко Engineering Manager
Silicon Valley Insight

О компании Silicon Valley Insight

Заказная разработка / Аутсорсинг
Приватное финансирование
11 - 50

Silicon Valley Insight — компания, специализирующаяся на создании digital продуктов с нуля (дизайн, прототипирование, разработка и запуск), включая “full stack” веб и нативные мобильные приложения. Основная миссия SVI — собрать распределенную команду мирового уровня, способную создавать продукты любой сложности. Члены команды работали в Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Samsung. Среди клиентов: ведущие технологические компании, успешные стартапы, знаменитости из Голливуда.