Cloud Operations Engineer

@ Chainstack

230,000 - 300,000 ₽/мес на руки

полная удаленка.
Продуктовая компания
размер команды
6 - 10 человек

Chainstack is managed blockchain services provider making it simple to launch and scale decentralized networks and applications — complete with an intuitive user interface, seamless orchestration, and predictable pricing.

They are currently looking for a versatile and enthusiastic Cloud Operations Engineer, someone who can manage multi-cloud workloads, build robust infrastructure automation, as well as troubleshoot blockchain protocol issues of any complexity.


Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Terraform, CircleCI, Python, Go.

You will work on

  • Delivering and supporting reliable and scalable cloud-based managed blockchain services to their customers.
  • Designing automation, monitoring, deployment, configuration, service discovery tools and services.

You will be awesome at this role if you have

  • Extensive experience working with public cloud providers (Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure).
  • Proficiency in containers and orchestration platforms (Kubernetes, Docker), infrastructure automation tools (Helm, Terraform), and continuous integration and delivery tools (CircleCI).
  • Scripting language programming skills (Python, Go).
  • Exposure to the administration of application servers, web servers, and databases.

You will be even more awesome if you have

  • Familiarity with technologies such as distributed computing and cybersecurity.
  • An exceptional intellectual drive to go deeper down the blockchain rabbit hole.
Евгений Асеев CTO and Co-founder

О компании Chainstack

Продуктовая компания
11 - 50

Сhainstack — полностью управляемый сервис для создания и развертывания блокчейн сети. Миссия — сделать наиболее доступную и простую в использовании платформу для создания, запуска, масштабирования блокчейн-приложений и помочь ускорить внедрение технологии блокчейн в предприятия. Среди партнеров: AWS, Google for Startups, Azure, Quorum, Hyperledger и другие.