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Product Management
B2 — Upper-Intermediate
1 - 5 человек

We are looking for an experienced Product owner for Site Builder product and Web Shop Solution. This person will work within a tightly-knit global product team, and will play an integral role within our cross-team communications.


Scrum Agile

You will be responsible for

Xsolla Site Builder. It's a powerful code-free tool for website creation. XSB is all about synergy with other Xsolla products. It acts as a front for our back-end products and services, making XSB one of the essential parts of our product portfolio. XSB's core value for our customers is the ability to self-publish their products. From game keys to digital goods, such as virtual currency, virtual items, or even subscriptions.

Web Shop for Mobile games. It's one of our most valuable Solutions for Xsolla and our long-term mobile strategy foundation. We believe that the mobile games market is ready to change, and we want to become a leader of this new paradigm. Web Shop helps our customers to get a new revenue stream for their mobile games, burst retention and engagement metrics, and work with user acquisition in a whole new way.


Product Management:

  • Identify the needs of new users and work with current users of the product.
  • Initialize and directly participate in interviews with the target audience.
  • Manage customers needs with persona maps, CJM’s.
  • Work on product metrics improvement.
  • Form and maintain a product development roadmap on a team level.
  • Keep up to date and prioritize tasks in the product backlog on a team level.
  • Communicate the product development strategy to the team.
  • Be part of a product development team and participate in building a product culture.
  • Identify and minimize product development risks, discuss risks with the team and Stakeholders.
  • Help to train IM / AM / BD.
  • Data-informed / experiment-driven backlog management experience.
  • Provide a high-quality SiteBuilder as a tool service.

Solution Management:

  • Manage a cross-team development process.
  • Be responsible for the Solution technical roadmap.
  • Communicate the Solution's strategy to the teams.
  • Participate in interviews with the target audience.
  • Manage customers' needs and CJM's.
  • Help teams to prepare for quarterly pre-planning and participate in the planning as a Solution owner.
  • Drive SB team's motivation to act as a Solution owner team.
  • Participate in communication with customers during the integration process.
  • Help to train BD / AM / IM.

Team Management:

  • Supporting the professional growth of employees through the accumulation of knowledge and experience.
  • Working with the strengths and weaknesses of team members.
  • Building a culture of collective responsibility for commitments.

We are looking for


  • 3+ years work experience as a PO.
  • 2+ years work experience as PM.
  • You play games constantly or have experience as producer in game development or publishing.
  • Understanding how digital distribution of e-commerce work.
  • Understanding custom development process.
  • Understanding mobile games market.
  • Understanding premium game's digital distribution process and impediments.
  • Leadership and ability to lead a team.
  • English at a level not lower than Upper-intermediate.
  • Understanding and applying agile product management methodologies: Scrum, Agile.
  • Ability to work and be flexible in a fast pace environment.


  • Experienced in SAFe.

What we can offer

Professional growth:

  • Free trainings and participation in specialized conferences.
  • Rich knowledge exchange within the company.
  • Cherdak Xsolla meetups for the IT community.
  • Constantly growing corporate library.

Convenient working tools:

  • Latest Mac workplaces + additional hardware to make you more effective at work.
  • Google Workspace, Confluence, Jira.

Additional bonuses:

  • Health & dental insurance.
  • Telemedicine and telepsychology.
  • Flexible hours: organize your day according to your needs and sprint & teamwork demands.
  • Partial reimbursement of mobile communication and Internet expenses.
Ирина Конькова IT Recruiter

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