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Product Lead


Москва или Санкт-Петербург — на выбор.
Продуктовая компания
размер команды
6 - 10 человек

At Arrival, the team is creating best-in-class electric vehicles using a radical new method of design and production.

Innovation, rapid development, and testing help them to push the boundaries. Their New Method takes their portfolio of patented technologies created in-house and combines it with assembly in Arrival Microfactories. It’s a groundbreaking approach, leading to products with maximum functionality, peak efficiency, and an elevated experience — at a much more competitive price than other electric vehicles, and even fossil fuel vehicles.

Arrival Digital is responsible for the production of all digital services related to their “device on wheels” (HMI, smartphones, laptops, and desktops). They strive to create the best user experience at every touchpoint.

Now they’re in full swing of developing mobility services. It’s no secret that the market is shifting from owning to using and they want to be a part of this trend. That aside, their strategy implies controlling the supply chain — where they interact with customers directly, without mediators.

That’s why they’re looking for a person to help them build mobile services from the ground up for both personal and business clientele.

What does it entail from the practical standpoint? They plan on making all communication with a client through one space — an app. From the service standpoint, they’re integrating features of test-driving, subscription, and car-sharing.


  • Investigating/research.
  • Getting the requirements for products.
  • Creating documentation.
  • Managing the timeline.
  • Build effective processes in the development cycle: understand, undergo testing, code review, and code roll-out, foresee bottlenecks, and avoid them.
  • Build effective processes in the development, see and foresee how they personally influence the team's performance, quality, and terms of product implementation.
  • Solve complex problems, for example, how best to predict that a user is toxic.


  • Hands-on experience in working with Jira and Сonfluence.
  • Know how to effectively set up the communication of a distributed team - how to facilitate a meeting to complete it in 30 minutes with a specific plan.
  • Know how to handle documentation at the analyst's level and higher.
  • Know how to work independently, make decisions and be responsible for the result.
  • Actively engage in the processes, critically evaluate them, and be able to independently implement the planned improvements.
  • Know how to concisely and structured formalize tasks and results of work.
  • Command of English good enough to use it daily in work (both writing and speaking).
  • Hands-on experience in creating large systems from scratch; ERP / CRM / billing and in mobile products for transport.

Company offers

At Arrival they want all of their employees to feel comfortable bringing their passion, creativity and individuality to work. They value all cultures, backgrounds and experiences, as they truly believe that diversity drives innovation. Join their mission to bring better, more sustainable transportation to communities around the world.

Александр Парамонов Recruiter

О компании ARRIVAL

Продуктовая компания

ARRIVAL создает современный коммерческий электрический транспорт , электронику и программное обеспечение автомобиля и сопутствующие сервисы разрабатывают в Санкт-Петербурге, автомобили собирают в Англии.