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220,000 - 300,000 ₽/мес на руки

Москва (м. Минская) или полная удаленка — на выбор.
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1 - 5 человек

They are looking for a skilled Python engineer who will lead the process of migration from PHP backend monolith to Python microservices.

You will make decisions on design, architecture and best development and testing practices to implement monolith decomposition. You will be responsible for code quality, stability and research/integration of new technologies. Also you will help members of their backend team to switch to Python language.

Time zone

(GMT+3), Moscow.


Python, AsyncIO, Tornado, Aiohttp, OOP, API, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLAlchemy, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Redis, Memcached, Pytest, Scrum, Agile.

About the project

Big Data platform that has 3 projects in the ecosystem that solves retailers issues. They are:

  • Alert management system (AMS).

Mobile application and web interface which gives their final customer possibility to increase their stores quality and service itself.

  • BI platform (BI).

Analytics dashboards which shows customer a lot of metrics to understand “health” of their businesses.

  • Retail cloud (RC).

ETL that allows them receive any customers data in one convenient format to them.

Your vacancy involves work on backend of AMS and BI.

Some stats

  • 2 TB of warm data.
  • 5000 active users in production.
  • 5 requests per second/user.

Required skills

  • Python 3+.
  • Async I/O.
  • Good knowledge in Python async frameworks (Tornado, Aiohttp).
  • Strong OOP skill.
  • Knowledge of design principles and patterns for APIs, components and microservices.
  • PostgreSQL 11+ or any other RDBMS (MySQL, ORACLE, etc.).
  • SQLAlchemy.
  • Message brokers (RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc).
  • Caching (Redis, Memcache, etc).
  • PyTest.
  • Good team player.
  • Knowledge of Scrum and Agile development.

Additional skills:

  • ClickHouse or any other column-oriented DBMS.
  • Airflow.
  • Basic PHP skill.

Company offers

  • Comfortable office near park with lake (Kutuzov Hall Business Center).
  • Good Salary.
  • Competent and friendly team.
  • Loyal management, Possibility to influence technical decisions.
  • Ability to work remotely.
Марина Исаева HR Lead
OSA Hybrid Platform

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OSA Hybrid Platform — сервис на базе искусственного интеллекта и больших данных для FMCG и ритейла, обеспечивающий доступность товаров в розничных сетях в режиме реального времени. Среди ритейлеров: Дикси, Магнит, Верный.