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Full-stack Web Developer

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285 000 - 430 000 ₽/мес на руки

Москва Remote
icon Москва, м. Белорусская, Россия

Mellow is a small team of engineering founders who previously worked at crypto projects, Yandex, McKinsey, VC funds.

They believe that a small team of professionals can achieve more than an army of newbies. They are building Mellow Protocol, the custom AMMs solution over UNI V3 for liquidity providing optimization, custom payoff functions and derivatives.

Their team is looking for senior developers who are interested in blockchain and DeFi. They are working hard to deliver the best product and backed by tier-1 crypto VCs.


  • React.
  • Node.js.
  • Python.
  • AWS.


  • Front-end development for end-users with Web3.
  • Back-end development — caching blockchain data, calculations of parameters for user interface.
  • Deployment and management of Ethereum nodes infrastructure for data collection.


  • Good at math and algorithms.
  • Responsible in terms of security and code structure.
  • Ready for a long run with the team.

They propose

  • Small high-level engineering team with tech-savy founders.
  • Remote-first company.
  • Opportunity to get great experience and value in decentralized finance space.
Николай Стоев Technical Product Manager
Mellow Protocol

О компании Mellow Protocol

Продуктовая компания

Mellow Protocol — решение для оптимизации управления ликвидностью и построения деривативов на децентрализованных биржах. Основатели проекта — инженеры, которые работали в криптопроектах, Яндекс, McKinsey, венчурных фондах.