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Москва (м. Шаболовская).
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Leroy Merlin is fast growing leader of DIY market in Russia already for years, with even greater ambitions for the coming years.

In order to further support their growth on the CIS market, and to boost their transformation into an enterprise platform connecting people with solutions, goods and services, they are looking for Chief Technical Officer.

His/her mission is to make technology a key success factor of the company.

His/her has a transversal role at company level in a context of product teams and business operations gathered in domains, and a direct management role of the Tech Platform Domain which supports and provide tech services to all other domains.

She or he reports to one of the CEO Deputies and plays the leader role for the tech comity.


Abu Rjeili, Deputy General Director.


  • To establish and incarnate at company level a technological vision for the company which will include the following topics.
  • Software engineering culture.
  • Design for failure and scalability.
  • IaaS, PaaS, DevOps.
  • Monitoring as a service.
  • Internal and external exchange strategy, Open API.
  • Choice of technologies, of key partnerships.
  • To drive the execution of these strategies, both transversally across all domains and directly for tech platform domain, pilot the economic impact.
  • To guarantee performance, continuity, security and scalability of the operations from network to middleware.
  • To define policies and recommendations and control procedures to help other teams to make the right technological oriented decisions on their areas of responsibility.
  • To provide technical resources for product teams, guarantee the exploitability of the solutions.
  • To set up the processes and tools to support continuous integration.
  • To manage sourcing, contracting and performance of sub-contractors of production.
  • To manage local infrastructures in stores and people supporting them locally.
  • To organize management of incidents, problems, crisis related to infrastructure and middleware.
  • To hire, develop and motivate the people to support this effort. Develop HR branding of Leroy Merlin in IT Communities.
  • To become a key leader of IT Community in ADEO Group, contribute to our effort to get all the value of our global size, co-build the optimal ways of collaboration with other parts of ADEO Group.

Key qualities

  • Techno-lover, curious, open.
  • Strategic Vision.
  • Leadership.
  • Pedagogy, good communication.
  • Rigor.
  • People Management, community management.
  • English is a must, Russian and French is a plus.

Useful links

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Leroy Merlin

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Leroy Merlin — французская компания, один из крупнейших европейских DIY-ритейлеров.