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4 000 —‍ 6 000 $/мес на руки

Remote Relocate
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Product Analyst
B2 — Upper-Intermediate
6 - 10 человек

Chainstack is hiring remotean analysts who have already relocated from Russia or willing to do it immediately.

At Chainstack we are building the most reliable Web3 infrastructure for the next generation of web applications — open, trustless, and robust.

Thousands of innovators in DeFi, NFT, gaming, analytics, and other verticals are empowered by scalable distributed Chainstack APIs. We process billions of requests daily and provide unified, user-friendly access for developers to all prominent Web3 protocols — from Ethereum and Polygon to Solana.


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The role

  • We are currently looking for a versatile and senior Product Analyst who will be responsible for research on market, competitors, products, customers, cohorts.
  • You will support a strategy function: delivering analytic insights to key stakeholders across the company on new business opportunities and influencing the strategic direction of the company business.
  • You will be working together with the product and executive teams to deliver an outstanding conclusion of the product analytics and make suggestions based on a data-driven approach.


  • Build expertise in dApp, blockchain, Web3 industries, revising market trends, and providing actionable insights to the rest of the business during regular meetings.
  • Extend company knowledge about segments of clients and partners, their needs, and requirements by conducting customer and market research.
  • Prepare Industry Benchmarks and Market Research outcomes.
  • Define, gather, analyze intelligence about products, customers, competitors, and any aspect of the environment needed to support executives and managers in strategic decision-making for software product development.
  • Analyze collected metadata from existing customers to define a better approach in delivering products with superior quality and with highly desired features set.
  • Market research to gather information about target markets or customers. Analyze collected data to improve business strategy.
  • Profile current and potential competitors in an assessment analysis of the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Competitors software product research to define features, use-cases, technologies stack, the best user experience.
  • Establish pricing and licensing model for products based on competitor's analysis and best practices.
  • Write requirements for product analytics and data tracking.
  • Work with product, executive, sales, marketing, and engineering teams to implement in-product data with sales and marketing data, web-sites analytics, etc.
  • Critically analyzing the success of your solutions and iterating.

You will be awesome at this role if you have

  • 1-3 years of experience in analytics, market research, and benchmarking.
  • Understanding and/or experience of available data in SaaS and/or PaaS products.
  • Hands-on experience with SQL and GraphQL queries, building dashboards into Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting software, and/or from Metabase, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Mastery skills in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to communicate with engineers and product managers effectively.
  • Creative and analytical mindset with a drive to solve complex problems.
  • Ability to speak and write in English.
  • You will be even more awesome if you have.
  • Experience in working with Web3 or DeFi products or blockchain protocols.
  • Familiarity with technologies such as distributed computing, decentralized storage.
  • An exceptional intellectual drive to go deeper down the blockchain rabbit hole.
  • Knowledge of SQL is required. Ability to write scripts to parse JSON. Knowledge of the Metabase product is highly desirable.

We offer

  • Salary in USD.
  • Stock options.
  • Bleeding edge tech stack.
  • Lack of bureaucracy.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Global fast-growing market.
  • Multinational team.
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Сhainstack — платформа для блокчейн-разработчиков на 10+ протоколах, включая Ethereum, Polygon и Binance Smart Chain. Обслуживают сотни блокчейн-нод на гибридной облачной инфраструктуре и тысячи клиентов по всему миру.